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Guiding star, Paddy's Hole Redcar - postcard

Image of Guiding star, Paddy's Hole Redcar - postcard
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I saw a poem doing the rounds on social media by an unknown author, ‘We are not in the same boat’ talked about how we are in the same storm but not the same boat, some could be in a desperate crisis, lonely, have lost loved ones or not yet over the worst. This weather beaten Yorkshire coble fishing boat is a pastel painting I done last year. I loved the boat warts and all! It’s name ‘Guiding star’ is so apt, this boat holds a thousand stories of getting her crew home back to Paddy’s hole, a safe haven from the North Sea on the mouth of the river Tees.We all know someone who would welcome a Guiding Star right now and nothing beats getting handwritten mail.I’ll be selling this picture as a high quality 350gsm A6 postcard you can send to family and friends £2.50 each or 5 for £10 (just buy 4 and we will include a fifth for free).